Bay & Bow

Bay Windows

bow1Bring more sunlight into your home with a beautiful Verde Bay window. The beauty and expansive view make a custom-built Bay window a wonderful option for your home. Endless possibilities exist when it comes to designing your own special look. Our custom built Bay windows offer you the opportunity to choose from an array of glass, designs, size, and woodgrain interior colors, which allows you to preserve your home’s classic look!

Bow Windows

Open up your view with a beautiful custom-made Bow window. Designed with 3, 4, 5, or 6 equal sized sections, our Bow windows give your room new dimension and symmetrical style. Enjoy the finest options available when you choose a Verde Bow window, which is made to your specifications. Select from a variety of colors, woodgrains and dynamic glass options to make your new Bow window a backdrop of elegance in your favorite room.

  • Jamb depth: Custom
  • Mainframe weld (window): Fusion
  • Sash weld: Fusion
  • Head, set & jambs: 1-1/8″ oak plywood (birch available)
  • Standard Glass: Double-pane clear
  • Standard Spacer: 7/8″ XL Edge®Glazing System(except some decorative glass options)
  • Exterior mainframe: Contour
  • Interior mainframe: Beveled or stepped
  • Glazing beads: Coved
  • Operation: Either two operating casements (standard) or two double hung windows (optional)
  • Bay angle: Either 30° or 45°
  • Bow angle: 10°
  • Sight lines: Equal
  • Insulation: Polyurethane insulated
  • main frames and mullion cavities (insulated seat board optional)
  • Cable Support System: Optional
  • All exterior exposed wood surfaces are covered with white vinyl laminate
  • Double Insulated Seat option
  • Edge banding (wood and laminate available)
  • Additional Operating units available (standard are the two exterior flanker unit)
  • All Fixed units